Plumbing Services Dubai

Plumbing Services Dubai

Quick Maintenance is engaged in various installation and maintenance services according to the needs of the society. We provide the best plumbing services Dubai. We are committed to, water pipes, hot water pipes, heating pipes, cast iron pipes, galvanized pipes, ducted pipes, aluminum-plastic pipes, PPR pipes, PB. Pipe, PP pipe, PE pipe, PR-RT pipe, PVC pipe, and other pipeline maintenance, water supply pipe, drainage pipe, household pipe renovation and maintenance, building pipeline renovation and maintenance.

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Our Plumbing installation and maintenance services:

  1. Upper and lower water pipeline installation: professional and technical personnel first design; to undertake aluminum-plastic pipe installation, galvanized pipe installation, stainless steel pipe water installation and replacement, installation of various PVC pipe, cast iron pipe, cement pipe sewer pipe and rebuilding the first floor of the independent water and other projects.
  2. Heating installation: professional installation of heating, installation of high-pressure heating, installation of soil heating, installation of copper heating, installation of aluminum heating, installation of decorative heating, installation of large and small boilers. Moreover we install the heat exchanger, install the filter, install the valve, install the flange, install the heating duct welding, change the heating, and replace the heating pipe.
  3. Plumbing maintenance: maintenance of various water pipes leaking, professional replacement, transformation of pipelines, radiators.
  4. Sanitary ware installation and maintenance: professional installation of faucets, installation of valves, replacement of water tank accessories, repair valve leakage.

We have been widely praised by various enterprises and family customers for our service concept of “Customer Satisfaction is the standard, reputation is the development, and quality is the survival”

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